Magic class

Magic has always been a popular performing art. Performing magic can act as an ice-breaker or thriller for people of all ages in different occasions. Our magic classes cover a large variety of related skills such as close-ups, coins, poker and “psychological” tricks. Tutors will demonstrate the magic by performing the act once to participants and then explain the secrets behind, A suitable magic routine and points to beware of when they perform would also be brought upon to class-participants. Our Tutors will also assist participants to perform the magic trick smoothly should they face any technical or skill difficulties in the process.

After joining our magic class, participants would be able to:

  • Understand the Thurston’s 3 rules in magic.
  • Performing different types of magic tricks by using magic props and routines.
  • Boost communication skills and acquire a sense of humor
  • Enhance self-confidence.

Magic class is applicable for one-off workshop. Welcome to inquire and reserve the services.